30 Days to Make a Living Betting on Sports

It really is a dream job… betting on sports full time may not be as glamorous or sexy as some people would think, but it still allows you the “who the he## cares what time I wake up!” schedule. Which I believe is the most important perk, but going from never laying a wager to making a living doing it isn’t as challenging as you would think. The key is discipline. You must have unwavering unemotional discipline in the face of knee collapsing odds. Winning every once in awhile is one thing; making a living at ngsbahis guncel is a whole different animal. Here’s a small outline of what I did to go from a beginner to a professional:

1. Figure out my bankroll- the first and most important step is figuring out how much you can wager; and how much you can expect to make monthly. Your bankroll should be at least 100X your usual wager. This way you are protected from bad picks or swings.

2. Figure out how many bets you would like to make Dark Web Onion Links a day- I try and keep it around 8 a day.

3. How much time you would like to put into the research- (I actually use a handicapper for my picks! sshhhhh 90% wins- guaranteed?! who wouldn’t)

4. Start wagering

If you think you can stomach the heavy Darkweb links highs and lows that come with this profession, and you think you can sit back and watch sports for up to ten hours a day then go for it! It’s one h#### of a ride!