Life-Energy-Vitality – The Role of Vital Force in Health and Skin Care

“What is the essence of life energy?”
“Does the life energy of plants differ from that of man and animals?”

Philosophers, physicians, and every day seekers have pondered the subject since the days of Hypocrites. Early physicians referred to a mysterious energy or spirit-like substance that had a definite role in life and health. They called it “vital force.”

Vital force is an aspect of nature that “orders” our body so that it may maintain or restore health. When the this life force is disrupted or “dis-ordered” the body manifests symptoms of imbalance as colds, allergies, aches, illness and disease.

How does this pertain to skin care?

Similarly the skin shows imbalances in terms of rashes, dryness or oiliness, breakouts, wrinkles and inflammation. This is how the body and skin communicate to us that it is “out of sorts” and in need of help.

It is important to know the elements that support a healthy energy flow i.e. vital life force, and elements that disrupt energy flow resulting in signs of physical imbalance. This is the primary principle of how to stay healthy. It is a vital consideration when selecting skin care products.

“What happens when the vital force is ignored?”

The modern commercial skin care approach is to treat symptoms of dryness, oiliness, acne, and such with synthetic chemicals. This approach does not recognize the importance of the presence of vital force in skin and skin care ingredients.

When ingredients are used that do not support the vital force, symptoms may be appeased but the cause is not addressed. Additionally the body may become toxic from the synthetic chemical ingredients thus side effects can occur. Health in Dark Web Hackers For Hire general can be compromised. Because synthetic ingredients do not support the body’s vital force it is crucial to seek skin care products that contain only ingredients that do have a vital force, and thereby support life, vitality and beautiful skin.

“How can we support the vital force in its effort to maintain optimum health and vibrant skin?”

The body will recognize and interact with elements of nature which contain life force. We respond to nature – herbs, flower essences, essential oils, homeopathy, and “grown” Darkweb site food because we are nature. Within nature all organisms share a similar essence of vital life force. To restore vitality to the body it is necessary to use these vital energies of nature.