The Top 3 Ways to Burn Maximum Calories During a Weight Training Workout

To work towards my goals of smashing the ridiculous stereotypes of weight training, I want to talk about using weight training to burn calories. The goal here is not to achieve maximum muscle size, but burn maximum calories with these top 3 calories burning methods.

Involve More Muscles

This is really common sense when you think about it, but if you involve more muscles then you will burn more calories. This is way when you put together your workout routine; you make every single exercise a multi-joint exercise.

Multi-joint exercises are exercises that put multiple joints into action. For example when you do a pull up… you are moving your elbow joint and your shoulder joint. These type of moves will engage more muscles and again the more muscles that are involved in the بازی انفجار the more calories you will burn.

So here is a short list of the most popular multiple joint exercises: squats, leg press, dead lift, pull up, chin up, bench press, seated row, and barbell row. There are tons of others, but just remember that all of your exercises should be these multi-joint exercises if your goal is to burn maximum calories.

More Repetitions Involved

This is just as much common sense when you finally think about it as the first method. When you do more repetitions, you are accomplishing more work and you will burn more calories.

The next question will be what is the appropriate number of repetitions? Well that depends on the amount of weight you use. I suggest that you try to keep the number of reps at 12 to 16 reps. Now you are going to have to experiment with the right amount of weight because you want that last rep to be really tough.

Remember we are maximizing the number of calories burnt, but you still want your muscles to develop and building new fibers. That is why you want to pick the correct weight that will put you close to functional failure by the last rep.

Explosive Weight Training

What in the world is explosive weight training? I am very glad you asked.

Explosive training is when you are in the contraction portion of the exercise and you move as fast as possible. In other words lets say you are doing a dumbbell bench press. You should lower the weights to your chest level taking 3 seconds… then with a controlled but explosive movement get those weights to the top of the rep.

Studies have concluded that this method burns more calories rather than moving at a slow pace. So lets think this out…

When you are walking 6 miles, you are burning quite a few calories if I do say so myself. When you are running 6 miles, you are burning far more calories. The problem here is you cannot sustain running as much as your can the walking.

This is just like explosive training. Explosive training is running compared to slower reps walking. This being the case you are going to have to drop the amount of weight more to be able to get to the 12 to 16 rep range. My suggestion is try around 60% of the weight you would use for your heaviest lift. Experimentation is the only way to really find the appropriate weight.